About Us


Hawklaser comes from a split made from k40laser.se which is one of the biggest DIY, FAQ and article website for the Chinese K40 laser cutter machines. The e-store opened 2016 and was moved to hawklaser late 2019.
In early 2020 we took on more investments to widen our product range, making more custom product in-house and expand to more types of home/hobbyist laser machines.
Within spring 2020 our plan is to move up to a public stock company.

Our idea is to provide controlled and tested products. Many of the products we offer can be found on other websites, the difference is that we test each and every one of them before making them available for sale.
We are testing all optics in a spectrum analyzer and discard everything that doesn’t meet our demands – with this approach we only offer the best of the best to our customers.



Håkan “HP” Persson – Founder and the crazy professor
HP comes from a background in programming and development with previous experience from CAD/CAM design and product manufacturing.
In the new structure HP takes on the product testing and development of new custom kits.
HP is also the one you´ll speak with on the Swedish phone support


Johan Nielsen – Co-owner and advisor
Johan has experience with marketing and product strategy for mass-production and product solutions.
He has been working with ASEA/ABB and Telenor earlier.
Johan has the main work towards strategy, marketing and main structure of every part of the company.

Rest of the team
Johanna – runs our economy and the one you meet regarding invoices, receipts or refunds.
David and Jürg – our voices on the international phone and email helpdesk
Linus and Jimmy are new to the company as machinists and videographer respectively – with focus on CNC and CAD/CAM and you might see them further on in planned videos