About Us


When i bought my first Epilog laser machine in 2009 i used it alot, not much problems at all really.
When i moved back to my home town after a divorce in 2013 i sold the Epilog before i moved and when arriving i bought a K40/3020 Laser machine, and my idea was just to have it a few month until i bought a bigger Epilog once again.
But i found out that putting time and parts in to the K40 could make it very similar in cutting speed and performance as the Epilog i had – so i kept it, and bought more of them.

Alot of groups on Facebook and Google+ has alot of information to help you get going with your machine.

I thought it was a good idea to collect everything on one website to refer to, if the problem has been known earlier.
I started writing down everything i did, learned and worked out for the K40 Laser machine and publish them on k40laser.se

In 2016 the parts-store opened to serve mostly Europe with quick deliveries of parts, upgrades and products related to the K40 without letting the user wait for weeks or months for their parts.
The website and e-store blew up, not one time, not two times but four times the sales expanded and exploded to a new level i never was prepared for.
In the beginning of 2019 we started to get problems keeping the FAQ and articles aside away from the e-store and big big delays emerged taking care of emails which was in the 100´s per day – most of them FAQ-questions drowning away the e-store emails.

Now i can write a new chapter of this – moving the e-store to Hawklaser.com is a natural step moving the e-store away from the FAQ-site to separate them, better for visitors looking for FAQ-articles, and better support for e-store customers.
Taking in new investors in the fall 2019 also makes it a good step to move the store to a own domain, there is also a new company behind the store which i own the majority of and this gives us more opportunity to have bigger stock, more stock locations and more employees for the support.

Everything in the e-store is the same as before – your order history, payments and history are still here – we have just moved the store to it´s own domain.

Håkan “HP” Persson – Founder of hawklaser.com and k40laser.se
Email: hp@hawkcan.com