Surfactant/anti-algea additive for coolant

Surfactant/anti-algea additive for coolant

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Conductivity (mS/cm): 1,02 ±10%
Corrosion protection BS5117
Temperature range: 0-70c
Inhibits biological growth
Surfactant (inhibits air bubbles in the coolant)
Works with medical grade silicone tubing, acrylic, acetal, pom, and nylon tubing.
Do not use with PVC-hoses (flaking may occur from the hose).

Sodium 2-Ethylhexanoate
Dimethylbenzyl chloride
Purified water

Diluted: Regular biocide, enough for 20L of coolant
Concentrate: For long term use, 10ML per 10L of coolant, one bottle enough for 100L of coolant.

Delivered in a bottle of 100ML
Manufactured in UK.
Works with aluminium, copper, brass and nickel in your loop without corrosion risks. Perfect for use with coolers or radiators.

How to use
Add 50ML (10ml for concentrate) to every 10L destilled water, let the pump circulate 10 minutes before use.
In a closed system the water can be changed as rarely as every 6 months.
Read this article to learn more how to optimize your coolant and cooling.

Please note - best effect is reached with distilled water.

This product has a 100% guarantee, if you´re not satisfied or does not work as you expected, you get a new bottle or full refund! That´s what we think is proper customer satisfaction on a product we are proud over!