HawkCNC Lite – DIY cnc machine


HawkCNC Lite – DIY cnc machine


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This machine is not intended for production use – only for home/hobby. If you need a machine focused on production/business use turn to a specialized company in CNC routers/mills.

HawkCNC Lite comes from a weekend when our regular CNC broke down and we needed to mill some plastic parts for other kits.
We had one thing in mind – making it small and cost effective we took parts we already had around and built us a quick, cheap and working DIY CNC machine – and a CNC router is not far away from a laser machine.
We only needed to mill 400mm long 40x40mm pieces so no need for a big bed or similar, that is why the picture shows a small machine. It can be made to any size you want.

3D-printed VS aluminium parts
The parts can be bought in both 3D-printed and aluminium. For easier work in wood or plastic the 3D-printed parts are enough – if you are going to mill aluminium or thick wood we suggest aluminium parts for less vibrations and better stability. The 3D-printed parts has some flex but it´s not much – and this is enough for most home/hobby use in softer material.

We are offering this in different setups.
– Only the 3D-printed or aluminium parts including a parts-list needed
– Full set for 400×400, 400×600 and 600×800 sizes (excluding router spindle).

Please note, router spindle is not included in the kit. We do include a list in the kit which spindles works good with the machine!

Included in the Free kit (not avalible until later 2020)
– STL-files for all 3D-printed pieces
– BOM-list with all parts needed and where to buy them
– Email upgrades when we optimize and change the parts

Included in the basic kit
– All 3D-printed pieces (or aluminium if choosen)
– BOM list with all parts needed and where to buy them

Included in the full kit
– All 3D-printed pieces (or aluminium if choosen)
– All bolts, nuts and washers needed
– Aluminium rails
– Wheels and MGN bearings
– Threaded rods and end bearings
– All parts adjusted for the size you choosed.