24V power supply

24V power supply


Power supply upgrade for your laser machine.

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Please note, this is delivered with a standard EU-plug, the picture is wrong - will update soon!
This power supply is a upgrade if you want to remove the load from the laser PSU for controller and stepper motors.
If you are upgrading to a Cohesion3D this is a recommended upgrade.

The original laser psu is very limited and on the limit already what it can output, a extra 24V psu is a good upgrade.

This power brick includes a adapter for connecting it to the Cohesion3D board or any other controller.

Please note, this power supply will not replace your Laser PSU, you still need the Laser PSU to fire your laser tube.
All PSU´s are tested with a ATE Load tester at 4A. The PSU´s are branded 5A but we only recommend a stable load of maximum 4A which it passes the test for!