Power potentiometer and mA-combo kit


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This kit is a combo-kit. You get both a display for showing a power-setting value, and a digital mA-meter.
This mA-meter is custom made for us to be more calibrated and quicker to react to changes in current. Most digital meters are not made to work as quick as needed for our applications – these meters are!

With the analog K40 lasers the pot to set the power level is very bad, hard to set exact value.
This is a upgrade kit, with a small digital display and a multi-turn potentiometer. This makes it easier to set the power level by higher resolution on every turn.

How to use
The display shows a value between 0 and 5.00
Easy for you to remember a value for cutting, turn the potentiometer to that value and go!
All K40 machines are different, what value you need for cutting acrylic or wood is specific to you.
With this tool you can take notes of what power you need for different material, and next time you can turn the setting to your number and get going quicker!

The mA-meter
Shows you the current when you test-fire. Keep your power below 16-18mA to prevent your tube going out prematurely.

The kit is pre-assembled, you only need to replace the old potentiometer with this one.
It´s also possible to upgrade from digital panel to this upgrade instead. See guide here.

Installation instructions
Installing this kit properly is important, when you buy this we will email you instructions.
Be prepared to send us a picture of your power supply so we can give you instructions aimed to your setup and your machine.
Installing it wrong can cause damage on your machine or hurt you – so we want to make sure you install this 100%.