PSU repair kit

PSU repair kit


Upgrade and fix-kit for your power supply

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Has your PSU gone boom-boom?
The most common problems with the PSU´s are a blown fuse, due to a burned bridge rectifier.

Since mid 2018 the manufacturer started to install better components in the power supplies. Check the writing on your rectifier, google the number/id and see if it has more than 4A and 600V – if it does, you do not need this repair kit!

You can order this with free shipping!

This kit contains
2x Bridge rectifiers
2x 250v, 4A fuses
2x 250V, 4A fuses (inline)
1x Instructions how to replace the parts.
Rectifier and fuses are sent more than you need, as extra.

Please note, this kit requires soldering. We cannot take responsibility for any damages made by you when changing these parts. If you need help replacing the parts, talk to a local repair shop.


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