Adjustable bracket for 12 & 18mm laser head for K40

Adjustable bracket for 12 & 18mm laser head for K40


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V3 is sent with orders made 2019-05-04 and later.
This is version3 of this bracket – centered bolt to make more room and easier adjustment and better reinforcement of the part to make it more stable and less vibrations, we are also printing it with higher percentage infill than earlier.
If you ordered the V2 of this bracket – email us and we will send you the V3 for free.

This bracket is 3D-printed and fits the 12mm laser heads for the K40 laser machine.
Please note, the part is delivered “raw” from the printer, some cleaning might be needed. We do a quick filing of the movable parts to make it fit properly.
Now printing in the color BLACK

By popular demand, from 2019-02-23 bolt and washers are included in this kit.

With this one you can adjust the height position of the laser head very easy. No need for shims or other time consuming modifications.
Mount the screw and glue it in place it the smaller part (head plate), and put the nut on the laser side.

Please note:
There is a similar bracket avalible on Thingiverse – this is NOT the same, our version has more adjustment height to cover the differences in K40 and bigger machines.
Laser heads for this bracket can be found here

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