K40 expansion DIY kit V2


K40 expansion DIY kit V2

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Upgraded and wider gantry to fit inside your k40 machine – up to 400x700mm

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If you have questions about this kit – your pre-order, installation or configuration, use the dedicated support for this: kits@hawklaser.com
Only emails regarding these kits will be replied to! Please use helpdesk@hawklaser.com for all other questions.

Round 3 of pre-orders – ending this month!

If you already have the mirror holder and laser head, use this coupon code in checkout to remove it from the kit: noheadkit

Size of this kit is up to 400x700mm – you need to remove your separation wall and move the power supply outside the laser machine if you have a K40 (instructions included).
If you want to keep original width, the X-gantry bar needs to be cut. Instructions how to shorten width or depth is included, or you can tell us you want original width and we pre-cut the extrusions!

2019-07-16 – Motor bracket redesigned
2019-08-27 Slave pulley bracket redesigned
2019-09-02 Some brackets changed to metal
2019-10-15 Mirror bracket redesigned for nut inserts
Revisions is changes made to the DIY-kit – if you got the kit delivered before a part changed you can get the upgrade for free by mail.

Read more about pre-orders here.

Developed & manufactured by K40laser.se/Hawklaser.com – you cannot find this anywhere else.

Please note!
This is a DIY kit, you need to put it together yourself.
All parts needed are included, installation instructions in PDF and video format.
Parts are in numbered bags and installation manual and videos refer to these numbers upon assembly.

This kit works with M2 nano, HT Master, Cohesion3D and Ruida controllers (and others).

Included in this kit
– All bolts, washers and nuts needed
– Drive belts and pulleys
– Motors for X and Y axis
Air assist laser head
– 3D-printed and steel parts for the gantry
Mechanical end-stops
1st & 2nd mirror mount
– MGN12 sliders for both axis
– Aluminium extrusions
– 1x 5mm axle, 700mm long

Information about the 3D-printed parts
All parts are printed with 100% infill and are really solid and strong and there is not much load or pressure on these parts at all. IF you get a problem with any part, we will send you a new part for free.
We are working on a upgrade-kit in aluminium release later this fall if you want to upgrade the 3D-printed parts to aluminium.

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