K40 laser stepper motor upgrade kit

K40 laser stepper motor upgrade kit


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This is a kit to upgrade the motors, 24V PSU and end-stops in your machine.
The flat cable is removed and replaced with proper cables, the optical end-stops are changed to mechanical end-stops.

The motors are more powerful than stock which will give you better and exact movement with the included 24V PSU.

Included in this kit:
– Two Nema17 stepper motors, 1.7A and 2.5A
– New drive and slave pulleys for your belts (4 pulleys)
– Two end stops with 50cm cables.
– 24V PSU
– All cables and adapters needed, plug and play!

How to install/upgrade:
Remove the old stepper motors
Remove the old optical end stops
Remove all cables.
Install the new cables and motors.
Depending on what gantry type you have, inspect your machine for a good placement for the new end-stops. You can use hot glue or super glue to fasten them as there is never any force on them they just have to sit there and sense the max movement.
Contact us with a picture of your gantry for suggestions if you need help.

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