K40 laser modular motorized bed – complete kit

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Warehouse in Sweden
Tested & verified products
Free shipping on orders above €59
In stock items ships within 48hrs Read more

It has shown in shipping this being bent and almost all of them arrived bent or broken.

Price is lowered, you can source a metal or plastic bed locally instead – template how to drill corner holes is included.

This is a kit for a motorized bed.

This kit is modular – it does not matter if you have a K40 or custom machine, you can fit this to whatever machine or DIY setup you have.
The modular design and our solution makes it very stable without the need for a big bulky frame holding it.
Can be bolted to the floor of your machine or to a piece of acrylic/metal to easier lift it out/in of the machine.
Please allow 3-4 days extra for packing these kits until shipping!

2019-07-27 – Motor bracket redesigned
2019-08-05 – Top covers for stabilizing the vertical axles added
2019-08-15 – Mesh surface replaced with mild steel hole punched bed
2019-09-05 – Options for buying the kit without the bed surface, or larger kit matching the expansion kit
2019-09-10 – Top covers for lead screw redesigned to fit a bearing holding the screw stable.
Revisions is changes made to the DIY-kit – if you got the kit delivered before a part changed you can get the upgrade for free by mail.

Developed & manufactured by K40laser.se/hawklaser.com – you cannot find this anywhere else.
k40laser madeinsweden

– Works with all types of laser machines
– Different sizes, width, depth and height.
– Slim design to allow maximum usable height – only 35mm high in bottom position
– Prepared for jigs and templates and/or solid/mesh bed
– Can be used on Cohesion3D, Ruida, SKR or MKS controller board –  or with a up-down button
– Easy to align and level inside the machine

Included in the kit
– Stepper motor and 4A external stepper driver
– All bolts and nuts needed
– Limit switch
– Drive belts and pulleys
– 3D-printed and aluminum parts for the structure

– Up/down driver board for use stand-alone with buttons
If you want to control the bed with two buttons, this is whats needed. Board and buttons + cables included.
With this add-on you can control the bed up and down and the movement speed with buttons. Cannot be used at the same time as controller connected to the Z, only for stand-alone use.

– 24v Power supply
A 24v, 4A power supply for the stepper motor.

– Auto focus with driver board
Driver board, buttons and quick buttons to set proper bed height depending if you are engraving or cutting.
The bed will auto sense the laser head and set itself in proper height (configuration needed with a PC).
Coming later this fall

– Jigs and templates
Perfect for holding your material and for repeat work, a wide array of jigs will be offered later when the product is released for download and order.
Download from my-account page, currently only available for pre-order customers.

Tools needed for installation
– Hex key for the bolts
– Drill and bits for making the holes in the machine (3-5mm)
– Pliers or a 12/13mm wrench/socket for tightening bolts
– A cold beer when installing the kit

Installation instructions are available in PDF at the moment – video instructions will be available shortly.