K40X – the DIY monster


K40X – the DIY monster


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Image fuzzy until release 😉

Due to Corona virus (2019-nCov/Covid-19) delivery cannot start on this machine yet, so we have not launched it.
Right now it´s impossible to launch this, as we cannot be the amount of people needed to keep up packing orders – we do hope it can be launched late May or early June 2020.

600x400mm bed size launching May/June 2020
External measurements: 88.5cm wide, 62cm deep and 27cm high.

The perfect machine for home and small business use.
This machine is based on our experience in the laser world, we have built our own machine with only the best parts and smart solutions.
Delivered in flat packs, you assemble it yourself with help from our installation videos, support through skype/facebook is available for free for all buyers.
The machine fulfills the EU regulations regarding high voltage power and cable sizes, safety features are installed by default to prevent any accidents or mistakes.

Interested? add your email to the list and you will get a email when it´s ready for delivery.

Presentation of the K40X
The X is optimized for small business use with the design and functions in focus.
We do some manufacturing ourselves with laser machines and know how annoying and time-consuming it can be with badly designed machines.
With the X it´s easy to jump from mass-engraving pencils to cutting acrylic in less than 20 seconds without any modifications to the machine, the movable table is prepared for jigs and you only align your work or jigs in the machine and are ready to go no matter if you just need to cut some small parts – or engrave a lot of name tags for dogs.
K40X is the project name of our new laser machine – as the waitlist has exploded with over 500 users interested in the machine we will give it a more proper and descriptive name later on.

Bed sizes available
– 400x600mm – Coming May/June 2020
External measurements: 88.5cm wide, 62cm deep and 27cm high.

– 600x800mm – Coming summer 2020
– 800x1200mm – Coming summer 2020

Laser tube power
– 40w
– 60w
– 80w

Laser controllers
– MKS Sbase
– Trocen
– Ruida Controller