Our products

We take quality control seriously to bring you the best products for your K40.
We have seen a big increase of buyers of the K40 needing parts in Europe and dont want to test Ebay or similar sites to bring home the parts needed, without knowing what they get is correct part or having the quality needed or you need quicker delivery than 3-5 weeks from China.

What we do

All products in our stock is manually inspected, tested, measured and controlled.
All lenses and mirrors is measured with a Bruker/Wyko GT optical profiler to only have the best of the best products in our store.
Products we think isnt good enough will be discarded and sent back to manufacturer.

  • All mirrors are optically measured to keep highest reflection, we check for damages, scratches or other flaws in the products before avalible to order.
  • All lenses are visually inspected both with microscopes and optic measurements to calculate the beam focus, surface coating and discarding all lenses with even the smallest scratch or nick.
  • All other products are carefully tested, inspected and tested in a real K40 machine before we put it into the store.
    Everything we sell is carefully evaluated before getting our OK to be sold as a spare part or replacement for your machine.

We deliver within a week around Europe, mostly within 3-4 days outside Scandinavia and 4-5 weekdays to USA with tracked/insured shipping.
The product you get is 100% quality controlled, just pop it in and run.