Premium support

Our premium support can be acquired in two different ways.
The premium support is simply a shorter queue with quicker replies than regular support.

Buying our products
All bought products has a premium support. Does not matter if you need help installing it or have other questions. Your are eligible for our premium support and we will help you with installation instructions or problem solving.
The premium support is limited to the products you bought from us.

Buying premium support
If you need help with your laser machine, check out the K40 laser FAQ. If you cant find your problem listed there you can buy premium support and we will help you solve the problem.
We offer premium support on:
– Installation or modification of your machine
– Troubleshooting
– Wiring and/or electric issues
– Fault checking components
Currently, we do not offer support on software or on engraving issues as this tend to be very machine and user specific issues which may take a long time to solve.

Click here to buy premium support.