Shipping information

Due to Coronavirus situation we do not work every day and cannot fulfill our 24hr guarantee – but we promise you 48hrs!
As long as this note is here, we ship your order within two working days – if nothing else is noted on the product you ordered. Some products has a longer lead time.

24hr guaranteed shipping/fulfillment
We guarantee that your order of products in stock is sent from us within 24hrs. If we can´t – we will refund 50% of the product value on your order!
Time is counted from order-time if you pay with invoice/card/part payment and after confirmed payment if you choose SEPA bank payment.

– Orders made after lunchtime Friday – will ship on Monday.
– Swedish holidays, we do often work – but the post office doesn’t.
– Summer vacation: July 5th to July 31st – we ship within 48hrs
– Product on pre-order, backorder or with a extended delivery time. You can see this on the product description when it will ship.
– Not paid orders, cancelled orders or orders in dispute/charge-back status.
– War, disasters, extreme weather and similar extreme conditions we can´t rule over. (We are high up in north of Sweden, when it snows – it snoooows)
– Sales where products are sold at lowered prices we have more orders and shipping within 48hrs after confirmed payment.

This guarantee was added 2019-03-18 and applies to orders made on this date or later.

Stock location
Due to Covid-19/Corona pandemic we only have stock in Sweden at the moment. This is because China has had enormous problems with deliveries to Europe.

Free shipping
We offer free shipping on all orders with a total order value above €59, since 2019-03-18 this type of shipping is regular traceable shipping due to earlier problems with lost parcels when sent without tracking.

Traceable shipping
If you want traceable/insured delivery, choose the shipping method marked “traceable”. Depending on your country regulations, the parcel may be delivered to your door, or for pickup at the post office.

Your parcel is sent the day after order on regular work days! (within 48hrs due to Corona pandemic)
Delivery within Nordic countries within 1-3 days, 2-8 days within central Europe and 2-6 days to USA.
Smaller cities or villages on the country side might have other delivery and can take extra time.

No tracking-id/letter
For smaller stuff with lower value.
€5 inside EU.

Traceable/Insured deliveries

Inside EU
Price per order, no quantity limits: €12

Outside EU
Price per order, no quantity limits: €15