Hawklaser.com status

Whats up right now?

On this page we will show current status of orders, support and other quick data we often get questions about.


Currently there is a big queue on pre-sale questions right now and we are less people available to respond to emails.

If you made a order and have a question – always reply to the order confirmation – you will end up in a isolated email queue and will get a reply quicker.
Waiting-time on regular support: 24h+
Waiting-time on order questions: 24h+


Everything normal, orders ships out often the same day, some delays might occur on days with alot of orders – we always ship within 48hrs right now!


We do not currently have any products you can pre-order.
Sign up to the wait-list instead to get a notice when a product are back in stock.

Need help?

We are sorry that we canĀ“t reply to product questions quick right now.
If you have a active order and have a question about installation or delivery – reply to the order-confirmation email instead of our regular support for quicker replies.
We are installing a new ticketing system this week to easier catch up and sort out duplicate emails.