Store closed a week September 2019

E-store moving to a new domain name started out as a knowledge-ground for chinese laser users, how to get them working and how to make the best out of them for what you are going to use them for.
The e-store was just a side-business offering optics the first months, this expanded quickly from a €50 per month business to something with a monthly turn over of €12.000.

At the same time the e-store has grown like crazy the FAQ site visitors also grew. Most of the users today are actually users looking for information and this has saturated our support completely the last weeks.
80-100 e-mails per day just regarding questions about their chinese lasers, how to solve a problem or ask questions are common. On the weekends the emails can ring up to 200 per day. has to survive for what it is – a FAQ-site for chinese laser machines, aimed at the K40.
The e-store is moving to a own domain name so we can isolate the business and have all emails in different boxes so focus can be set to paying customers, and after that FAQ-emails can be replied to.
All links on this website regarding products, my-account logins, earlier orders and everything around the e-store will be transferred, and linked from this site so nothing is lost.
The FAQ-site and E-store will link to each other and will be branded identically to show they still are one – but on their own domain name.
This is one of many steps to solve the mountain of emails received and offer a quicker support than earlier for e-store customers. will change the design to focus on the FAQ and articles.

This work will start October 15th.