Gantry expansion for laser machines – V2

Gantry expansion for laser machines – V2

Prototyping and installing the last changes, my kitchen table had to fill in as workbench.
If you bought our last version of this expansion kit – you will get all changed parts for free!

This is the last test with motors before manufacturing starts. We already have all parts – now the fun starts!

In the prototype test, screws and colors might be off. I just used what i had around to do a speed and movement test.
In the pics below – parts are missing, this is just a overview quick pic 🙂

More videos later when doing speed and movement tests.

This kit is made with MGN bearing sliders instead of wheels which has pretty much zero wear on the parts, moves better and less resistance.

End-price will be 339 EUR with three motors and everything needed.
Pre-order price at 249 EUR as soon we have completed all tests and started putting kits together.
You can find it in the store here

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