We are moving – and a Corona update

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Update July 5th
We are soft-opening the e-store the night to July 6th. Changed to Monday afternoon the same day – we are still checking inventory on products.
We are still not full strength in people on the floor yet so we cannot release everything for sale, it will just end up in a mess with more delayed deliveries so we will choose some products that are asked for on a daily basis.
Support from July 6th are available through the support request form – and through Whatsapp Chat. Email support is still down due to huge amount of emails, use the support request form and we will reply to your request asap! With this solution we get all info we need in the first contact.
More payment options available shortly, if you want to pay with Credit Card or PayPal – wait with your order a few days more!

Other news
Hawklaser going stock company shortly (joint stock company) with opportunity for customers to own shares (stock) in the company. More on that in the future.
Expansion kit V3 launching
And we will try to launch a few K40X Diy machine to see what we can manage to pack and ship in a regular day with less employees on hand. When we fill up the queue for the day the orders will close temporary.
We are looking for someone who wants to test-drive the K40X – you will receive a FREE K40X kit and report back to us with problems you encounter while building and using it to help us make the installation instructions better, as a thank you the K40X is given to you for free! Use the support query form and add “K40X test driver” in the form and we will get back to you with more questions. We will choose someone who has some knowledge about running lasers and cnc-type machines.

We want to let you know that it might be needed to close the store again, it all depends on amount of orders coming in and how much we can handle without backlash, we want orders out within 24hrs and if we get a backorder of more than that we need to close.
If there is something we learned the latest months is to keep up with orders and we dont want to go into that rabbit hole once again.

Hope you all stay safe out there!

Original page info – changed March 27th

We are moving to a bigger location with our own storage and machine shop. This will help us with local storage, as well as more in-house manufacturing and more cool machines to use.
We have planned for making videos at the same time and hired a guy good at videos, editing and cameras to take care of that as soon the Corona virus has blown passed us.

While doing this – we are closing the e-store from March 19 for regular items at least until April 5th 2020.
We are still working – we just dont accept orders on regular in-stock items at the moment!

This can be extended depending on government issued quarantine and similar during the SARS-CoV-2 virus spread.

While we are closed we are finalizing the pre-orders on the expansion kit – and the new V3 has also launched. A bit modified and better.
If you ordered earlier and not yet shipped you will get a V3. If you already received your V2 – you can get a free update to V3.

Orders can only be made on the expansion-kits at this moment, all other parts are put out of stock to let us focus on the work we need to right now.

E-mails are replied to Tuesday and Friday until further notice. As usual – if you have emailed us – do not email us again to help keep the queue down! At this moment we focus on replying to order/delivery-questions.
Phone support is closed until we open again. Currently both of us answering the phone are at home with children due to closed schools – not infected but for safety.