We are moving – and a Corona update

We are moving to a bigger location with our own storage and machine shop. This will help us with local storate, as well as more in-house manufacturing and more cool machines to use.
We have planned for making videos at the same time and hired a guy good at videos, editing and cameras to take care of that as soon the Corona virus has blown passed us.

While doing this – we are closing the e-store from March 19 for regular items at least until April 5th 2020.
We are still working – we just dont accept orders on regular in-stock items at the moment!

This can be extended depending on government issued quarantine and similar during the SARS-CoV-2 virus spread.

Update March 27

We are following the Swedish health administration and are not going to meet up at the shop if anyone showing symptoms. None of us has been tested positive so far.
Sorting screws, parts and printing parts is going on at home at the moment and the moving to the new shop is put on hold half way through.
Shipping pre-orders are still going on. The e-store is still closed for regular in stock items.
Swedish post (Postnord) and DHL, Schenker and Fedex has informed that all parcels are now delivered by land or sea and will have a longer delivery time due to cancelled flights.
For customers in the US we are looking at options and will talk to each customer how you want to do with your order – you always have the option to cancel the order if we cannot deliver with our couriers.
Countries inside EU has normal deliveries with slight delay.

While we are closed we are finalizing the pre-orders on the expansion kit – and the new V3 has also launched. A bit modified and better.
If you ordered earlier and not yet shipped you will get a V3. If you already received your V2 – you can get a free update to V3.

Orders can only be made on the expansion-kits at this moment, all other parts are put out of stock to let us focus on the work we need to right now.

E-mails are replied to Tuesday and Friday until further notice. As usual – if you have emailed us – do not email us again to help keep the queue down! At this moment we focus on replying to order/delivery-questions.
Phone support is closed until we open again. Currently both of us answering the phone are at home with children due to closed schools – not infected but for safety.

In April when we open up again the K40X DIY laser machine is released! Keep a eye out for that one!

Common questions – FAQ
Q: Is all pre-orders beeing shipped now?
A: Yes, we are closing the e-store so we can focus on shipping out the rest of pre-orders and move to our new location.

Q: Is there a risk of you closing completely/foreclosure due to loss of orders with Corona?
A: No, Hawklaser is not the full-time work/main source of income for any of us working, owners does not take any salary and has never done. We are prepared and can handle long times of closed down or quarantines without any economic pressure. This is why we can close the store for weeks to keep up with orders, it does not hurt us in any way to do this. We are putting delivery before selling more.

Q: When is K40X released?
A: We have changed the date a couple of times now, we want to have at least 50 kits ready to ship in stock before we open it up. We saw with the expansion kit how a delay or problem soon could expand to the moon in delay for customers. We don’t want to repeat that again.

Q: Why is support reply taking so long time?
A: Hawklaser has been a one-man-band for a long time and even then it was not a full time job for anyone. A big issue is users sending the same email multiple times making it hard to plow through, after a few mails we cant remember if we seen the name already so you can get a reply to each and every of your email – which causes delay and confusion for other replies. We have sorted this out lately with a better ticketing system – if you have gotten a autoreply, you are in our system!

Q: Are you making other custom DIY kits for laser users other than expansion kits?
A: The short answer: Yes
The long answer: Autofocus tools, more expansion kits, jigs & templates, rotary for round objects, replacement kits for other machines than just K40. We are also working on a web-app to help you creating files for mass-engraving from templates, perfect for engraving names on dog-tags, pens and similar. The app will be free to use.

Q: Are any of you infected with Corona?
A: No, but some of us are in the risk groups with previous heart conditions so we need to take precautions.
Having kids home from school makes it hard to have a phone support at the moment. It´s coming back!